House Blend

Our house blend

We carefully source and select our green bean from all different countries. Environmental friendly, sustainability are some important factors that we put into consideration when we are selecting our partners. 

One of our main trade partners is the first in Australia to host an in-house SCAA accredited lab where coffee undergoes a series of quality assessments. All our beans are FTO or RTA certified beans. We can confirm to you that the cup of coffee you are drinking is from the best quality green beans you can get in the market.

A super premium blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans, specially selected from five different coffee origins in Central and South America, Africa, Asia and the exotic Oceania.

Rich, full, opulent, decadent and super smooth best describes this complex, yet perfectly balanced coffee.


This blend contains carefully sourced Arabica beans from Brazil, Guatemala and the highlands of India.

Intense, full-bodied and very creamy, is just what one needs for that extra kick in your coffee without the bitterness. A true coffee indulgence!


Traditional Italian coffee freshly roasted in Australia. Roma blend contains carefully sourced beans from Brazil and the highlands of India.

Intense, full-bodied and very creamy is the best to describe our Roma blend coffee. It gives you that extra kick in your coffee with that indulged dark chocolate a taste of caramel note. A true coffee lover’s choice.


This "Mountain Water" Decaf process has preserved the original characteristics of the inherent aroma and flavour of the original Mexican beans.

This is a premium Decaf bean and one of the few “best” choices for the coffee roaster, completed by being organic certified.